New & Used Cisco 7400 Series Routers

The Cisco 7400 Series Internet router is designed by Cisco to support high-performance application-specific routing deployments in service provider and enterprise networks. Routerbazaar provids used and used Cisco 7400 internet routers in most configurations. Cisco 7400 Series accessories and modules are also available. We offers 90 days Warranty and the lowest price on Used Cisco 7400 Routers. Up to 95% OFF List. All Cisco routers including Cisco 7400 routers are fully tested and guaranteed.


The Cisco 7400 series are compact, single-rack unit (RU) routers ideal for application specific routing deployments in service provider and enterprise networks. Powered by Cisco's innovative adaptive network processing technology, the Cisco 7400 series delivers a premium suite of hardware-accelerated network services. The Cisco 7400 series is widely deployed for pay-as-you-grow broadband aggregation supporting up to 8,000 simultaneous subscriber sessions.


Critical business applications are driving the need for ubiquitous connectivity and increased bandwidth to remote locations. Many enterprises are augmenting or replacing their traditional WANs with site-to-site virtual private networks (VPNs) to better accommodate these new connectivity requirements.The Cisco 7400 Series Router VPN performance is suitable for large branch and head-end locations. Using the VPN Acceleration Module (VAM) hardware encryption acceleration card, the Cisco 7400 Series can support up to 5000 simultaneous IP Security (IPSec) tunneling sessions with Triple Digital Encryption Standard (3DES) IPSec encryption performance up to 120 Mbps, enabling scalable VPN connectivity to remote offices and extranet partners. In addition, the VAM provides hardware-assisted compression services for bandwidth conservation, thus reducing network connection costs.


The Cisco 7400 Series is ready to deploy out of the box with default VPN configuration and pre-loaded with the Web browser-based Cisco VPN Device Manager (VDM) management software. All interfaces, software, and hardware required for scalable, turnkey VPN deployment are included in the base model. The Cisco 7400 Series utilizes Cisco IOS Software features to accommodate multicast and multiprotocol traffic, as well as routing and quality of service (QoS) across the VPN, thus delivering flexible solutions for the most diverse VPN environments.

Cisco 7400 Series Router Bundles


7401ASR, 256M SDRAM, 2GE, PA-T3+


7400 VPNRouter w/VAM,VPN DeviceMgr, 2xFE/GE,AC PS


7401ASR, 256M SDRAM, Broadband Feature License


7401ASR,128M SDRAM, IP Software

Cisco 7400 Series Chassis Spares


Cisco7400 chassis with dual DC power supply

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