Why Sell Used Equipment With Routerbazaar ?
Many organizations choose to sell used networking equipment as an easy way to free up assets. Many of our customers are reinvesting in new technologies, while others are trying to cut costs. Whatever our customer's goals may be, Routerbazaar Dealers can help achieve them. Sell used equipment with accredited business experts who understand the IT industry and the nature of its players.


At Routerbazaar, we do more than just buy and sell used equipment. We have project managers on staff who assist companies in IT planning, network design, project development, hardware installation, and third party maintenance and support. we are trusted among various organizations in many different industries. 

FAQs About How To Sell Used Equipment
We understand that our customers want to know the details before they sell their used equipment to us. For this reason, we have composed a list of FAQs below to help our customers learn more about the selling process. 

What is the market value if I choose to sell used equipment?
When you sell used equipment, the market value depends on the type of hardware, its age, and the working quality of the device. If you choose to sell used networking equipment with Routerbazaar, our experts will thoroughly inspect the hardware and evaluate the quality of its performance. We have reliable systems in place to both inspect pre-owned hardware and determine the market value on your equipment. The market value might change depending on the supply and demand of certain products. However, our size and industry partnerships allows us to offer top cash returns when you sell Used equipment to us. 

What should I look for in reselling company?
When you sell used equipment, look for a genuine reseller. When you sell used networking equipment with a reseller like Routerbazaar, you can be confident all of the company's products are:

  • 100% inspected and tested before leaving the warehouse

  • Fully certified to meet all safety and regulatory requirements

  • Priced at fair market value without hidden costs

  • Come with reliable support services

How long does it take to sell used equipment?
Although it depends on the customer, the process of selling used equipment generally takes a few days. 

Is there a limit as to how much used equipment one can sell?
In most cases, no. When you are ready to sell used equipment, we recommend contacting our Cisco acquisition team. One of our specialist will work with you and help you throughout the entire process. Because all of our customers are unique, we like to offer personalized customer service to help them sell used equipment. 

What types of organizations does Routerbazaar buy and sell used Cisco equipment to?
Routerbazaar buys and sells used equipment to small and mid-sized companies, financial institutions, governmental entities, telecommunications providers, universities and educational institutions, and medical organizations all over the globe. In addition to helping these types of organizations sell used equipment, Routerbazaar also assists clients in IT project development, asset recovery, network expansion, and more. 

What are the benefits to buying and selling used equipment?
For companies looking to sell used equipment, the main benefit is receiving a market value cash return on pre-owned hardware - quickly and efficiently. Organizations buying used network equipment are able to save as much as 90 percent off the retail prices. In addition, when you buy and sell used equipment with Routerbazaar, your order will be process and fulfilled in a matter of days - not weeks.

Network Equipment Dealers makes it easy to buy and sell used Cisco equipment. The firm's acquisition team is comprised of Cisco hardware specialist who are committed to providing exceptional customer support. They can ensure a seamless used Cisco equipment selling process as well as a fast turnaround payment. At Network Equipment Dealers, helping customers sell used Cisco equipment is just one of our specialties.

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