New & Used Cisco IDS Intrusion Detection Systems

Business networks of all sizes face increasingly sophisticated attacks that can impede productivity, obstruct access to applications and resources, and disrupt communications.

The Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) protects your entire network with a range of deployment options.


This inline, network-based defense identifies, classifies, and stops known and unknown threats to your network, including:

  •  Worms

  •  Network viruses

  •  System intrusion attempts

  •  Application misuse


All used Cisco IDS system come with our standard 90 days warranty. All Cisco CVPN IDS systems are fully tested and guaranteed forperformance and quality.


Providing complete intrusion protection, Cisco IDS delivers a comprehensive, pervasive security solution for combating unauthorized intrusions, malicious Internet worms, along with bandwidth and e-Business application attacks. Cisco IDS is a dynamic security component of the SAFE Blueprint and end-to-end security product portfolio. Cisco IDS has been engineered from the ground up to support the broadest range of network deployments, from small businesses to the largest enterprise environments and service providers demanding high-speed, resilient solutions. Cisco IDS utilizes highly innovative and sophisticated detection techniques including stateful pattern recognition, protocol parsing, heuristic detection, and anomaly detection, that provide comprehensive protection from a variety of both known and unknown cyber threats. Delivering the lowest cost-of-ownership with network integrated and hardware-based solutions, Cisco reduces the cost of advanced intrusion protection.

Protect your critical assets and infrastructure:
  •  Managed Security Architecture: Actively monitor all online activities, transactions and services
  •  Network Resiliency: Stop threats and mitigate exposure without disrupting traffic flow
  •  Reduce, Consolidate Costs: Rapid deployment, management and cleanup through a standardized platform for security
IDS Monitors & Prevent Security Threats
Network-based intrusion detection provides an added measure of security against worms, Trojans and other types of breaches. The Cisco ASA 5500 Series IPS Solution also integrates intrusion prevention, firewall, and VPN in a single, easy-to-deploy platform. Closely monitor network segments, links and backbones. Automated identification and response. Maintain secure site-to-site and remote-user access.
Cisco IDS Intrusion Detection Systems Chassis


4210 Sensor (Chassis, s/w, two 10/100 ports, up to 45Mbps)


4210 Sensor (Chassis, two 10/100 ports, up to 45Mbps)


IDS 4215 Sensor, 80 Mbps with 4FE interface option


Threat Prevention Starter Kit : 4215, CSA, CTR, VMS


Cisco IDS 4215 Sensor, 80-Mbps


Cisco Secure IDS Ethernet Sensor


256 MB Memory Upgrade for IDS-4220 Appliance Sensor


4230 Sensor (Chassis, s/w, two 10/100 ports, up to 100Mbps)


4235 Sensor(chassis, SSH, 10/100/1000BaseT w/ RJ-45)


1000BaseSX Monitoring Interface w/ SC connector


4250 Sensor (chassis, s/w, SSH, 1000BaseSX w/ SC connector)


4250 Sensor (chassis, s/w, SSH, 10/100/1000BaseT w/ RJ-45)


IDS 4250 chassis, s/w, IDS Accelerated 1000BaseSX w/ MT-RJ

Cisco IDS Intrusion Detection Systems Power Supplies


Spare Power Supply for the IDS 4235/4250 Appliance Sensors

Cisco IDS Intrusion Detection Systems Memory


256MB Memory Upgrade For 2E And TR Units


512MB Memory Upgrade For 2FE, SFDDI And DFDDI Units

Cisco IDS Intrusion Detection Systems Rack Mount Kits


2 post Rail Kits for the IDS 4235/4250 Sensor Platforms


4 post Rail Kits for the IDS 4235/4250 Sensor Platforms

Cisco IDS Intrusion Detection Systems Modules


IDS 4230 Packing for Upgrade Program


4 FE, 10/100BASE-Tx interfaces for IDS 4215, 4235, 4250


IDS Director 2.2.x upgrade, from Netranger


Spare SCSI Hard Disk Drive for IDS 4250 Appliance Sensor


IDS Accelerated 1000BaseSX Interface w/ MTRJ

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