New & Used Cisco AIRONET PCI Adapters

Routerbazaar carries an extensive selection of used, used and new-surplus Cisco PCI Adapters. Our inventory includes popular products such as Access Points, Antennas, and Bridges as well as end-of-life and hard-to-find models. All used and used Cisco PCI Adapters are rigorously inspected and tested to ensure quality and performance like new.

Enhanced Client Network Management Features

A new and improved set of client utilities includes the Cisco Aironet Desktop Utility, System Tray Utility, and Client Administration Utility. Together, these utilities provide an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) for easy configuration, monitoring, and management of the Cisco Aironet 802.11a/b/g Wireless PCI Adapter. Enhanced client network management features include:


Profile manager: Allows users to create specific profile settings for various environments, making it simple for telecommuters and business travelers to move from one environment to another.


Customized profile settings: Lets users individually select the channel, service set identifier (SSID), Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) key, and authentication method for different locations.


Cisco LEAP authentication status screen: Provides status updates regarding the Cisco LEAP authentication process.


Auto-selection of profiles: Provides automatic selection of established profiles, including those configured for EAP authentication, without requiring storage of the EAP username and password in the profile.


System tray icon: Provides easy access to wireless LAN connection information and one-click access to common actions, such the manual selection a profile or turning the radio on or off.


Cisco Aironet Client Monitor: Provides a subset of Cisco Aironet Desktop Utility features, such as status information about the client adapter and access to basic tasks (selecting a profile, for example). This application runs from the system tray icon.


Troubleshooting utility: Provides step-by-step details on the process of connecting to an access point, as well as highlights on why a connection failed.


Support for the most popular enterprise operating systems: Windows XP and Windows 2000.


Cisco Aironet Client Adapter installation wizard for Windows: The wizard is provided for easy installation of the client firmware, drivers, and utilities and offers several installation options: install client utilities and driver; install driver only; or make driver installation diskette(s). For ease of use, the installation wizard image file is a self-extracting (.exe) file.


Whether configured to support single 802.11b coverage, single 802.11g coverage, single 802.11a coverage, dual-mode 802.11a/g coverage, or trimode 802.11a/b/g coverage, the Cisco Aironet 802.11a/b/g Wireless PCI Adapter is Wi-Fi compliant and combines the freedom of wireless connectivity with 802.11i/ Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) encryption for the performance, security, and manageability that businesses require.


The low-profile form factor and two-meter cable length provide significant flexibility for installation in low-profile devices, such as slim desktops and point-of-sale (POS) devices. For versatility, both a low profile and a standard profile bracket frame are included with the adapter. The attached dual-band, 2.4/5-GHz, 1-dBi effective gain antenna has a two-meter cable that enables optimal placement for maximum performance.

Cisco AIRONET PCI Adapters


802.11a/b/g Low Profile PCI Adapter; FCC Cnfg


802.11a/b/g Low Profile PCI Adapter; FCC Cnfg; 10PK


802.11a/b/g Low Profile PCI Adapter; ETSI Cnfg


802.11a/b/g Low Profile PCI Adapter; Rest of World Cnfg


4800 Series 11Mbps DSSS PC Card w/ Antenna w/128-bit WEP


340 Series 11Mbps DSSS PCI Adapter with 40-bit WEP


340 Series 11Mbps DSSS PCI Adapter with 128-bit WEP


802.11b PCI Adapter w/RP-TNC Connector, Dipole Antenna


802.11b PCI Adapter w/RP-TNC Connect., Dipole Ant, 10 PK


4800 Series 11Mbps DSSS PCI Adapter w/128-bit WEP


340 Series 11Mbps DSSS PC Card Adapter with 40-bit WEP


340 Series 11Mbps DSSS PC Card Adapter with 128-bit WEP


350 Series PC Card w/Integrated Diversity Antenna,40-bit WEP


802.11b PC Card w/Integrated Antenna


802.11b PC Card w/Integrated Antenna, 40 PK


802.11a/b/g Low Profile PCI Adapter; TELEC Cnfg

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